Houston Chronicle Endorses Fred Shuchart

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The Houston Chronicle announced its endorsement last week of Fred Shuchart, Republican candidate for the 215th Civil District Court.

“[Incumbent Judge Elaine] Palmer continues to receive rock-bottom evaluations from attorneys and in Houston Bar Association polls. Luckily for voters, Palmer’s challenger is more than ready to assume her position,” said the Houston Chronicle. “The collegial Shuchart should have what it takes to operate the court in a way to ensure that the time of jurors, parties and counsel is respected and to be a good judge.”

In response Shuchart said, “I am proud to be recognized as a part of the solution for the 215th Civil District Court. Receiving an endorsement from the Houston Chronicle gives me more confidence that I have made the right decision to seek this bench and serve the great people of Harris County. I look forward to making them proud of their endorsement.”

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